Silent Landscapes - The Queenstown images


My first photographic print collection Silent Landscapes, is a collection of images from a variety of locations across South-East Queensland and Queenstown New Zealand.

A friend of mine from my QCA university days and I, started a tradition many years ago while on Photography Camp of what we call, 'Photo Days.' Since then we've visited a variety of locations around South-East Queensland, spending the day exploring and taking images. Some of the images in my Silent Landscape collection where taken while on one of these days. You'll find my very talented friends work at - she's also an amazing wedding photographer if you're in the need!

The images that weren't taken while on one of our adventures were taken while on holidays in Queenstown. I was surprised and captivated by the beauty of the landscape of New Zealand's Southern Island. I was mesmerized with the diversity of the landscape and how from morning to night, or day to day it could change dramatically. One morning the sun could be shinning and the sky a bright cobalt blue, hours later a snow storm could be rolling in on the mountains bringing shades of whites and greys. The grass could be a lush vibrant green yet on the next hill in tones of tans, burnt oranges and deep browns

Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing some the images taken on 'Photo Days' from the past couple of years. In a couple of weeks I'll also be releasing another photography print collection of images taken from our most recent photo day (as recent as last Saturday!). If you visit my Instagram you'll get a hint of the location.



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