The Start of Winter


Every week (we'll nearly every week) since we've moved into our new home a year ago we've being going to the Rocklea Markets on a Saturday Morning. We have breakfast and do most of our weekly grocery shopping there. Plus every week we come away with a bunch of beautiful blooms from Flower Lovers.

Every week since I've been documenting them on my iPhone and sharing on social media. I've finally decided it's time to start taking time the use my SLR camera and do the beauty of these flowers justice.

This Weeks Flowers: Lilies, tulips and jonquils

Last weeks lilies are still going strong - I find they last forever and hold up well even during hot Brisbane summer days. It's finally started to cool down over the past couple of days so I bought my first bunches of tulips and jonquils! I took these over a space of about 4 hours, at 11am the tulips were still quite closed but had opened up in the afternoon sun.